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COMMENT: Should children be taught life lessons in school?

Should Schools be Responsible for Teaching Children Life Lessons? By Dr Amanda Gummer 1 The American website, Quartz, recently published an article about how schools around the world are starting to teach children not only about academic subjects like science, maths and English, but also emotional and social subjects like perseverance and gratitude. Governments have started…
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Personal, Social and Emotional Development through Play

Personal, social and emotional (PSE) covers topics such as confidence, sharing and managing feelings. Good development is incredibly important as it affects how a child interacts with the world; because of this, it can have a large impact on a child’s progression in many areas, including learning in a school environment, in addition to their well-being. In…
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How can an App spark a Pre-schooler’s Imagination?

One of the best loved and most played with toys that we own is a toy boat my son was given for his first birthday. He’s coming up for 5 now and yet he and his little sister still play with it most nights in the bath. Like most pre-schoolers, much of their free time…
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Tips On How To Manage Your Child’s Nightmares

What a NIGHTMARE! We use the term ‘Nightmare’ to describe a range of bad situations but a real nightmare can leave a child feeling angry, shameful, scared, anxious, or upset.  Whilst toddlers can take a long time to calm down because they believe the nightmare to be real, older children can learn to differentiate dreams from…
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Top 10 Tips On Improving Your Child’s Communication Skills

Communication skills are paramount for both adults and children but there is more to communication than just learning to talk. Listening, interpreting verbal and non-verbal signals, writing, drawing and increasingly email, text and twitter are all forms of communication. Whilst some children can communicate confidently from an early age, others find it difficult to make…
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Play Methods to Help Children Understand Trauma And Disaster

Have you noticed how children play out disaster situations like Hurricane Sandy in their play? Understanding how and why children do this can help us react appropriately and use the play opportunity to develop skills such as empathy and understanding in our children. Children who are getting their teddies, dolls, action figures or Playmobil out…
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