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Science for Children: Fun Ways to get Interested in Science

Science is important not just as a key National Curriculum subject, but also as an area that nurtures a curious mind. Whilst children don’t need to learn in-depth scientific information at this stage, you can help get them gain an interest in learning about science with fun games and experiments. Here are some ideas for getting…
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The Benefits of Art for Children

Children show their first signs of ‘art’ at around 18 months old, when they start to make scribbles and explore different materials. At around the age of 3, these drawings will begin to represent concepts, such as a circle and two lines to show a person. As children develop (both physically and cognitively) their pictures…
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Overcoming Anxiety in Children: Play Ideas & Advice

As children prepare for a new school, class or adventure, it’s not uncommon for them to be anxious. How parents help to deal with anxiety in children at a young age can set children up for life.  Some children will learn to use anxiety to get out of doing things they don’t like, or as an…
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Introducing your Child to the Great Outdoors

  Enjoying the Countryside There are many ways to enjoy the countryside with your family, and there are activities to suit all ages from babies and toddlers, right through to getting grandparents involved! Embrace the outdoors with a: Nature Walk – pack a picnic and set off into nature, enjoy the fresh air, exercise and…
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