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COMMENT: Should children be taught life lessons in school?

Should Schools be Responsible for Teaching Children Life Lessons? By Dr Amanda Gummer 1 The American website, Quartz, recently published an article about how schools around the world are starting to teach children not only about academic subjects like science, maths and English, but also emotional and social subjects like perseverance and gratitude. Governments have started…
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Why Playful Parenting is Beneficial to your Child’s Development

Dr Amanda Gummer’s new book Play offers a refreshing alternative to all the ‘How To’ books that parents are bombarded with. The great news is that having fun with your child really is the best way of helping him/her develop. Not only does playful parenting reduce stress, promote attachment and increase enjoyment of parenting, it’s…
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5 Ways to tell if Educational Apps can Support your Child

 “Can Apps really be Educational?”   This is a question which many parents, including myself, have asked.  Our children are growing up in a society where tablets and phones are readily available to them.  Children are exposed to technology from a very young age, and we cannot escape the fact that it plays an important…
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GTG Play Day At John Lewis

This Saturday, the Good Toy Guide team will be working with the John Lewis toy experts to share their unique insight into children’s play, toys and development throughout the day. They’ll be helping customers choose Christmas presents for their children that aren’t five minute wonders and will also be able to give advice on which…
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Top 10 Tips On Improving Your Child’s Communication Skills

Communication skills are paramount for both adults and children but there is more to communication than just learning to talk. Listening, interpreting verbal and non-verbal signals, writing, drawing and increasingly email, text and twitter are all forms of communication. Whilst some children can communicate confidently from an early age, others find it difficult to make…
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Children And Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language has many benefits both socially and academically. Learning a second language can be very rewarding which is great for self-confidence, and also and enhances listening, reading and writing life skills. Children who learn a second language tend to have a better understanding of the world and of other cultures. They also have a…
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Top Tips: Promoting Fine Motor Control

Fine motor skills are the small pincer (finger) movements required to successfully manipulate objects.  Fine motor skills can be broken into three smaller components: Grasping: using pencils, brush, pens, sticks. Manipulating: playdough, scissors, finger play and sewing. Hand-eye-coordination: writing, threading , moving a mouse on a computer. Encourage children to engage in the following fun…
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Effective Parents Raising Successful Children

With Andy Murray’s success at Wimbledon 2013, many parents may be wondering what it takes to make a champion. Talent? perseverance? supportive parents? If only it was that simple!! There’s no one recipe for producing champions, but there are a few things that are worth considering. What do you want for your child? Success of…
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