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How to Prevent Eating Disorders in Childhood

How to Prevent Eating Disorders in Childhood

Eating disorders are described by the NHS as “an abnormal attitude towards food that causes someone to change their eating habits and behaviour”. This can be due to an excessive focus on weight or shape. Two of the most common eating disorders (source: NHS, Eating disorders) are: Anorexia nervosa – when a person tries to keep…
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Childhood Obesity v Preventing Bossy Image Issues

Challenging Obesity v Preventing Body Image Issues

Can we ever get the balance right? Those of you who caught the Sheila Foggarty Show on LBC earlier today will have heard our own Dr Gummer explaining the complexities of the issue, but can we ever get it right? We asked Dr Gummer for a bit more insight into the issue. Here’s what she…
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Healthy Eating Habits for Children

Children’s involvement with food helps fight childhood obesity. The well-documented rise in child-hood obesity has been linked to a number of factors including sedentary lifestyles and fast food. On the other hand, anorexia is also a growing problem and seems to be affecting children at younger and younger ages. It is a mine field for parents trying to help their children grow into healthy teenagers and adults.

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