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Helicopter Parenting

  Helicopter parenting refers to parents who hover and always stay close to their children, ready to swoop in to direct, help or protect (usually before it is needed).   The Perils of Helicopter Parenting   For Children:   Never learns accountability/natural consequences Develops a fear of failure Lack of confidence Codependency Can trigger anxiety…
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The Importance of Father-Child Bonding

The Book Trust has reported that less that 20% of fathers under 25 read to their children at bedtime. However, new research from Harvard University has suggested that children benefit more from being read to their father at bedtime than their mother. The study suggests that fathers spark more “imaginative discussions” and ask more “cognitively…
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The Science behind the Parent Centred Parenting Model

  The Parent Centred Parenting Model, developed by Dr Gummer is based on research and psychological studies done by several well-respected experts in their fields interpreted in the light of modern family life.    A Look at Development Lev Vygotsky put forward that each area of development can only be advanced so far and progresses…
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