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Download 2015 Play Report

At Fundamentally Children we passionately believe in the importance of play for  children’s development and wellbeing. We were delighted that Dr Gummer was asked to contribute to the All-Party Parliamentary Group’s report ‘PLAY’ which identifies:   The Benefits of Play The obstacles that limit the quality or availability of Play. Recommendations to Promote Fit and Healthy…
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Why Playful Parenting is Beneficial to your Child’s Development

Dr Amanda Gummer’s new book Play offers a refreshing alternative to all the ‘How To’ books that parents are bombarded with. The great news is that having fun with your child really is the best way of helping him/her develop. Not only does playful parenting reduce stress, promote attachment and increase enjoyment of parenting, it’s…
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The Science behind the Parent Centred Parenting Model

  The Parent Centred Parenting Model, developed by Dr Gummer is based on research and psychological studies done by several well-respected experts in their fields interpreted in the light of modern family life.    A Look at Development Lev Vygotsky put forward that each area of development can only be advanced so far and progresses…
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