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Why I’m backing the Children’s Activities Association (CAA)

There has been a huge rise in the number of extra curricular activities for children both in pre-school and primary school age groups. What really surprised me was finding out that there is currently no standardised quality assurance for children’s activities. I, like many parents, had wrongly assumed they’d be subject to Ofsted scrutiny, and…
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Fundamentally Children Social Media

Are you following Fundamentally Children on all of our Social Media channels? Here’s where you can find us! Facebook Follow Fundamentally Children on Facebook for our latest Child Development and play advice. trivoo.net We’re also on Facebook as The Good Toy Guide – we share Toy reviews as soon as they’re published on our website…
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Top Ten Children’s Travel Toys

Here at Good Toy Guide we’re committed to promoting healthy child development play. With families preparing for the summer holidays, we have great travel toys and free play ideas for keeping kids occupied whilst travelling to help create a stress-free journey. Dr Amanda Gummer, founder of Good Toy Guide , shares her best solutions for keeping…
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What caused Changes in Consumer Behaviour and the Falling of Toy Sales?

With reports of difficulties in the toy industry such as falling toy sales, it’s important toy manufacturers protect their businesses and ensure they produce toys people still want to buy. So the important question is: What has changed in consumer behaviour? Research Dr Gummer presented at the ITRA conference as far back as 2009 showed consumers’…
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Calling All Teddy Bears…

We are looking for the face of the Good Toy Guide – and we don’t want any random z-list celebrity – we want a fab, cuddly, teddy bear!  Manufacturers of plush teddy bears are invited to apply to be the face of the Good Toy Guide and the winner will be announced on the first day…
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