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How to end screen-time battles with a Balanced Play Diet

Edited by Dr Amanda Gummer Many parents complain to us that it’s a real battle to get children interested in anything other than their tablets or mobile phones and we know how hard it can be at times, but screen time does have its place in a balanced play diet – it’s more about what you do…
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Why Should You Create Emotional Connections with People?

With the vast availability of methods of communication available today, it has never been easier (and more accessible!) to communicate with other people worldwide. However, this means an increasing amount of our communication is happening via screens rather than in person. It is important to make sure we are still developing emotional literacy skills which…
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Overcoming Anxiety in Children: Play Ideas & Advice

As children prepare for a new school, class or adventure, it’s not uncommon for them to be anxious. How parents help to deal with anxiety in children at a young age can set children up for life.  Some children will learn to use anxiety to get out of doing things they don’t like, or as an…
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