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Reuniting Lost Toys with Children

  Great Western Railway launched a campaign last year to reunite toys found on its trains with their rightful owners. The company took mugshots of over 40 toys found and asked owners to come forward to claim them. Sadly, the company has recently announced that only two owners have come forward to retrieve their special…
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Tips On How To Manage Your Child’s Nightmares

What a NIGHTMARE! We use the term ‘Nightmare’ to describe a range of bad situations but a real nightmare can leave a child feeling angry, shameful, scared, anxious, or upset.  Whilst toddlers can take a long time to calm down because they believe the nightmare to be real, older children can learn to differentiate dreams from…
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Popcorn The Bear will be our 2013 Mascot!

We celebrated our official launch at the London Toy Fair with the announcement that Popcorn the Bear will be our mascot for 2013. We’ve received such a positive response since our launch in Sepetember, and we want to have a recognisable face of the Good Toy Guide. However, rather than go for a celebrity, we wanted something…
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Calling All Teddy Bears…

We are looking for the face of the Good Toy Guide – and we don’t want any random z-list celebrity – we want a fab, cuddly, teddy bear!  Manufacturers of plush teddy bears are invited to apply to be the face of the Good Toy Guide and the winner will be announced on the first day…
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