This page lists all the feedback we’ve received from our various clients all across the UK from different industries having offered our many services,  tailored to meet their needs.


We’re delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received from the majority of clients we have worked with and supported. 


“[Dr Amanda Gummer]provides expert advice to our readers on childcare issues, responding both to questions and writing longer features on some of the tangled problems parents face when trying to balance work and family life. She always gives a prompt and considered response to questions and her sound advice, based on years of experience, is very much appreciated, particularly with regard to choosing the right childcare, an issue where guilt and anxiety lurks at every corner”.

– Mandy Garner, workingmums.co.uk



”I have worked with Amanda on a number of projects and have always been impressed with her pragmatic approach and understanding of children and families. I hope to continue to be able to work with Fundamentally Children in the future”.

– Nic Jones, Children’s Marketing Expert


“Dr Gummer was employed by the V & A Museum of Childhood as a consultant child psychologist to find out if the Museum’s displays are effectively communicating their intended learning outputs to visiting audiences and to explore ways of engaging visitors more meaningfully to enhance the value placed on the visit by visitors. It was a pleasure working with Dr Gummer, who was professional and knowledgeable, as well as personable…

I would happily recommend Amanda and Fundamentally Children.”

– Stephen Nicholls,  V&A Museum of Childhood



Research (Toys & Play)

“We’ve been working with Fundamentally Children on several project in the past year and we find their help tremendously helpful establishing out business in the UK!
FC’s team is very professional, dedicated, flexible and supporting. They were very committed to the project, as if they were part of the Tiggly team, and managed to get us reviews, feedback and support in a very tight timeline with great success! We couldn’t have asked for better partners to accompany our launch in the UK.”

– Michal Eliakim, Marketing Manager at Tiggly


“We love to work with Fundamentally Children. They are a very professional team with a  deep understanding of children and new media. Plus, our partnership helped us to get noticed in the UK. We saw a significant increase in our Facebook and Twitter fans. We highly recommend their services!”

– Nathalie Gauthier, Marketing Manager at 7Academy Studios

Seven Academy logo


“We met up with Lucy Gill, CTO of The Good Toy Guide and The Good App Guide at the London Toy Fair at Olympia back in January 2014. It was, by far, the best chance trade fair meeting we’ve so far had on the Animin project.

Following Toy Fair, we employed Lucy and her team to do some initial user testing on Animin, our augmented reality digital pet game that we have been developing in-house for the last six months.

To be absolutely frank, it is quite something to have worked for months on end on a new digital toy product that we felt (and still strongly feel) was going to offer a considerable amount of joy and delight to younger children and tween users, only to then hand it over to hundreds of youngsters for them to give us their honest thoughts on it.

Added to this, we also had a few minor technical hitches with our app – in that the test version of the iPhone and iPad version had still not been approved by Apple by the time we wanted to share it with Lucy and her group leaders and army of willing testers.

Taking into account all of the above, Lucy handled the testing of Animin with absolute professionalism and was, at all times, a complete pleasure to work with. The results that came back were and are invaluable, really assisting our progress with the development of Animin and also massively helping with our ongoing conversations with venture capitalists, who will eventually be funding the major marketing campaign we have planned for Animin this coming Christmas.

I cannot hesitate to recommend that toy creators, app developers and others speak to Lucy and her team, should they have a need for quality, in-depth quantitative and/or qualitative tester feedback on their products. It’s helped us no end!” 


– Ben Paterson, Game Producer at Animin Studios



“Amanda’s research is thorough and insightful.

Her relaxed and friendly approach belies the professionalism that she brings to her work.

Her ability to quickly grasp the issues and provide innovative and effective solutions really helped us to move forward with our product development and we look forward to continuing to work with Amanda and Fundamentally Children in the future”.

– Ben & Betty



“Dr Gummer’s motivational talk to our sales team and product designers energised the whole workforce and helped them understand the needs of the end users of our play equipment – children. She was knowledgeable and approachable and presented the information in an interesting and engaging way”.

– Liz Bright, SMP Playgrounds Ltd.



“Egmont briefed Amanda on the hoof for an exciting new project to research non-consumers based on the Blue Ocean theory. Amanda devised a research programme that fulfilled our expectations in a tight schedule and tight budget”

– Dawn Cordy, Egmont Kids Media



“Amanda helped us revamp our educational catalogue and understand the developmental benefits of our products so that we could communicate these benefits effectively to schools and nurseries. I was particularly impressed with her efficiency and professionalism as well as her knowledge of the products”.

– Russell Booth, Adventure




“Amanda’s research is thorough, balanced and provides invaluable insights into how our products are perceived by both adults and children. We particularly admire how she is able to present complex scientific thinking in a practical way that we can use to improve our new and existing products”.

– Rob Trup, Fiesta Crafts



“We have worked with Amanda since 2004 on a variety of projects and have always felt that the service received was very valuable. By providing insight into and understanding of the developmental characteristics of our target markets we have been able to develop well thought-through ranges and plan successful marketing campaigns. As well as evaluating our products Amanda has been a very useful sounding board for ideas and her efficiency and professionalism make her a pleasure to work with.

We hope to continue to work with Fundamentally Children for a long time to come”.

– Lindsay Hardy, Flair PLC




Product Development (Toys & Play)

“Not only does Dr Gummer understand the market really well, she is extremely creative and full of ideas about how to improve products ensuring they are appropriate for their audience. Her obvious strength is her knowledge of child development but she is also adept at understanding commercial aspects…. we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

– Kate Armitage, Gibsons Games



“Dr Gummer’s understanding of child development inspires her creativity and produces a range of fantastic ideas which we are thrilled to be developing with her to bring added depth to the Ben and Betty range.”

– Jenny Briggs, Ben & Betty


Parenting Workshops


“By helping working parents feel more positive about their role, Dr Gummer improves morale, productivity, and loyalty. Her down-to-earth approach makes the informative seminars accessible and enjoyable and leaves staff feeling more confident and empowered”

“……a unique outlook on the role of parents that helps to release them from the pressures and guilt of what they SHOULD do and allow them to enjoy the mundane day to day aspects of family life. Both [Dr Gummer’s] background in child development and experience as a mother informs her work and gives her great empathy for parents. …..a pleasure to work with.”

– Kerri Summers, The Parent Company



“I have found this presentation very interesting and very well presented, concise but clear to understand.  The host was very pleasant and polite, and the fact that she genuinely shared her own experiences has been helpful too. I feel that I have got some good advice and hints and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has children or teenagers.”

– Seminar Attendee at JP Morgan Workshop