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Don’t miss the opportunity to be included
in The Toy Association’s Summer Learning STEAM Toy Guide!

This is a special promotion for all companies that submit their products for STEAM accreditation by February 24th.

The Toy Association and The Good Play Guide™ are excited to announce the launch of the STEAM Accreditation Program. An exclusive joint venture for the evaluation and certification of STEAM products.

About the Program

The new accreditation program is open to all toy companies and brands involved in the manufacture, design, and marketing of STEAM products for children. It is based on the criteria outlined in The Toy Association’s “STEAM Toy Assessment Framework”, which defines and details specific characteristics of a good STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) toy for various age groups.


It's full STEAM ahead

The Good Play Guide™ is the official accreditation body for the STEAM Accreditation Program. Founded by Dr. Amanda Gummer, who has a PhD in neuropsychology and over 20 years of experience working with children and families, the Good Play Guide uses a scientifically proven method to evaluate toys.

The Toy Testing

Every toy submitted for evaluation is firstly tested by the important people – children. While the children play, they are observed by professionals who have been trained to carry out research with children in a robust and ethically responsible way. The toys are then evaluated by the Good Play Guide’s team of experts to ensure they meet the strict criteria set in The Toy Association’s “STEAM Toy Assessment Framework”.

Each accredited toy will receive

The Toy Association’s official STEAM Stamp of Approval to use on packaging, websites, printed material and throughout all digital and traditional marketing platforms.

A detailed report created by the Good Play Guide which can be used for marketing, research or further development of the product.

Placement on the Good Play Guide’s social media channels and website.

Opportunity to be involved in campaigns run by the Good Play Guide™ throughout North America and Europe during the course of the year!

Product Review Process

Step 1. Complete the Submission Form

One Form per Toy (Except where otherwise agreed for a range)

Step 2. Confirm your submission package and the respective fees

(For single submission or multiple products)


No. of Products

(more than 2 submissions are eligible for discounts)

  • 1 Product
  • 2-4 Products submitted together
  • 5+ Products submitted together

Toy Association Member

(price per product)

  • $1,100 / £900
  • $950 / £775
  • $850 / £695

Non Member Companies

(price per product)

  • $1,650 / £1,350
  • $1,400 / £1,150
  • $1,300 / £999


Terms and Conditions

1.      All products must comply with current safety legislation and we must be informed in case of a product recall or other safety issue. You must notify the Good Play Guide in writing (email to  is acceptable) if the product is withdrawn from sale or if there are any safety concerns that may affect consumers.

2.      The required number of samples (usually 4) should be sent to the address on the submission form and the Good Play Guide must be emailed with details of the delivery (what products are arriving and when) at least 48 hours prior to delivery to ensure they can be received and processed effectively.

3.      The toy will not enter the review process until all three of the following conditions have been satisfied: 1. The submission form has been completed and submitted, 2. The samples have arrived at the review center, and 3. The invoice has been settled in full.

4.      The Good Play Guide accepts no responsibility for damage caused to the product, or injury or damage caused by the product however it may occur.

5.      All products submitted for evaluation will be donated to the testing venues unless a specific request has been received to the contrary. The cost of returning products will be borne by the supplier.

6.      The Good Play Guide reserves the right to refuse to evaluate products.

7.      Acceptance of a product for evaluation does not guarantee that the product will be accredited.

8.   Submission of this form indicates adherence to The Toy Association Inc’s code of ethical practice and the Good Play Guide team reserves the right to ask for evidence of audit trails and ethical working practices.

9.      You may only use the STEAM seal in association with products that have passed the full accreditation process and may not modify or change the STEAM seal in any way without prior written authorization from The Toy Association Inc.

10.  The STEAM seal may not be shared with any other organization or copied for fraudulent purposes

11.  You must at all times act to uphold the integrity of the accreditation process and not misrepresent your products’ features or qualities

12.  By submitting your toy for accreditation you are signaling your acceptance of the above terms
Please note that due to safety concerns, we cannot accept internet-connected toys that do not have a microprocessor that enables encrypted transmission or that include hard-coded passwords

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