Top Tips and Advice for Parents Articles

Here are a range of articles covering top tips and advice for parents in the media by Dr Amanda Gummer:



9th Sep 2015


Surviving the Morning Routine with a Two Year Old

Lucy Gill shares her daily morning routine with her two year old daughter and what she has learned through this experience.





7th June 2015


10 Ways to get Grandparents to be more Hands-on

Dr Gummer explains the ways in which parents can help build rapport between Grandparent and Grandchild




24th May 2015


Ways Parents can Encourage their Child to Talk

Dr Gummer explains ways in which parents can help their children to talk




15th April 2015


10 Things Children can learn from doing chores

Dr Gummer explains how children can learn skills for life by carrying out chores



25th March 2015


Dr Gummer’s Play: Fun Ways to help your Child develop in their first 5 years

Dr Gummer introduces her exclusive book release, which will hit the shelves come May 7th 2015




19th Mar 2015


Don’t Worry if your Child cannot say ‘Hello’ at 7 weeks!

Dr Gummer gives her recommendations on helping your child to say their first words




10th Mar 2015


Play by the Numbers

Dr Gummer shares some examples of toys and activities that can encourage development in some of the areas of numeracy, for early years and Key Stage 1.




 2nd Mar 2015


10 of the Worst things you can say to your Child

Dr Gummer comments on negative phrases that parents need to stop saying their children.



 11th Feb 2015


8 Things you need to know about your 4 Year Old

Following Channel 4’s Documentary on ‘The Secret Life of a 4 Year Old’, Dr Amanda Gummer shares some interesting facts about Four Year Olds



 29th Jan 2015


How to Stop your Toddler from picking up Rude Words

Dr Gummer explains how to prevent your child from saying rude words.



 30th Dec 2014


6 Ways to Help your Child make New Year’s Resolutions

Britain’s leading expert on Child Play, Toys and Development, Dr Amanda Gummer, explains how how children can benefit from set goals and aims throughout the year.




 Dec 2014


Dream On: Should we tell Children the difference between Imagination and Reality?

Our Child Development Expert, Dr Amanda Gummer spoke to Right Start Magazine to discuss how truthful parents should be with children about Fantasy and Reality at Christmas.




 Nov 2014


Why Playing Serious is no longer an Oxymoron (page 52)

Dr Amanda Gummer spoke to Toy News about how serious play in early years for Children can beneficial for them.





 24th Oct 2014


How to Kick Common Childhood Habits

Dr Amanda Gummer discusses how to help your child tackle their childhood habits




 21st Jul 2014


Kicking Habits: My Child won’t Stop Biting Me

Dr Amanda Gummer shares her advice on how to stop your child’s biting habits




 10th Jul 2014


What makes up a ‘Healthy Play Diet’?

Dr Amanda Gummer discusses what makes a healthy play diet and the importance of it.




 5th Jun 2014


Why Imagination is key for our Toddlers

Dr Amanda Gummers discusses the value and importance of imaginative play from an early age




April 2014


8 Tips for the Perfect Baby Bedroom

Dr Gummer speaks with Kiddicare this month to share her tips on decorating a baby’s bedroom




 6th Mar 2014


How to Tackle tricky questions from Children

Dr Amanda is at hand to help you answer some of those awkward questions that your child may ask you





 24th Feb 2014


5 Unconventional Parental Methods

Dr Amanda Gummer comments on the Alpha parenting approach