Irish Fairy Door


What is it

This handcrafted wooden fairy door is made and decorated in Ireland and sprinkled with a little magic ready for your fairy to move in.

The Irish Fairy Door Company help fairies relocate to homes and gardens all over the world by producing high quality handmade Irish fairy doors; the aim is to create memorable family moments utilising the door and handy hints from their website – all YOU need to do is believe! Be it in your home, garden, office, school or care centre, each fairy door is given a portion of magic so that your new fairy can come and go between our world and Fairyland. Only one question remains… DO YOU BELIEVE ? Once you have installed your door and registered your fairy name on the online fairy workplace log we alert the council who immediately send the fairy to its new position. Leave the glass-encased key beside your door and after midnight your fairy shall arrive, open its door and move in. The fairy will hold onto the key from now on as he or she needs to come and go a lot. An email will be sent to the registration email with your downloadable Fairy Lease Agreement, containing all the rules that the fairies and families need to live by in order to live happily together.

How It Works: – Place your key and the downloaded Lease Agreement beside the door and leave it overnight. – In the morning, have a look in the bottle and if the key is gone your Fairy has arrived and picked up his/her key and moved in! And so the magic truly begins. – The children can leave notes and pictures for their Fairies on a regular basis. – The “Magical Matters” tab on the website is where a weekly blog is published. Stories and interactive activities are uploaded regularly. – Fairy Doors can also help children who have trouble communicating open up during difficult times. Decorations may vary slightly, as each is lovingly hand made in Ireland, but the colour and shape will be as seen. Each door comes with a glass bottle containing a tiny key for the door.

All you need to do is believe!


What our team of testers said

The Fairy came last night, I heard her - girl aged 6

I want Tilly to get a fairy and then my fairy and hers can be friends - girl aged 5

Skills Developed

  • Helps to develop imaginative play
  • Wall stickers and lovely accessories can be purchased from the website

What our experts think

This gorgeous fairy door allows children to escape into the world of the fairies and use this make believe world to make sense of events in the real world. The stories and additional play value really help children immerse themselves in the imaginary world. Imaginative fantasy play is great for children’s development and is liked to skills such as empathy, problems solving and initiative in later life.

Play Suggestion

Use other small world toys such as Sylvania Families, Playmobil or Lego to create an imaginary world.

Cut one side our of a cardboard box and add in grass, twigs, moss and other items to create a scene that might be found the other side of the door.


  • RRP: £19.99
  • Brands: Ackerman
  • Dimensions: 29.8 x 21.2 x 2.2 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Key Features:
    • No batteries required
  • Toy Types: Other products
    Wall deco & accessories
  • Types of skills developed: Creativity
    Imaginative play
    Speech, language and communication skills
    Story telling

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