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12th Jan 2015


Why Farms are so prevalent in younger Children’s Play?

Dr Amanda Gummer discusses as to why playing with farms toys can be beneficial to child development and can enhance social skills.

farm playset



1st Dec 2014


$1 Billion Dollar Frozen Fever

The highly-acclaimed Disney film, Frozen, is loved by children and parents alike all around the world, with toys from the animated feature at the top of many Children’s Christmas list this year. Dr Amanda Gummer shares her opinion on what contributes to the popularity of buying Frozen-themed presents this year.



1st Dec 2014


Top Toys for Christmas

Dr Amanda Gummer shares her thoughts on the most popular Christmas toys this year.


 Stocking fillers for children



2nd Jul 2014


Join the Loom Band Craze

Dr Gummer shares her thoughts on the popular Loom Bands craze.

 Loom bands, craze, Fundamentally Children



27th Jan 2014


Do Children’s Toys influence their Career Choices?

Dr Gummer adds her thoughts on the impact which toys can have on a Child’s Development and Future