Win a Brand New Bike with Strider!

The Strider Cup Balance Bike

Throughout 2016, our friends over at Strider are offering fans a fantastic opportunity to participate in the Strider Cup Balance Bike Race upon purchasing the brand-new 2016 12" Strider Balance Bike.
The specialist balance bike manufacturer has taught 1.3 million toddlers to ride a bike and puts a huge ethos on encouraging children to ride and enjoy 2 wheels. Children as young as 18 months come and enjoy friendly competition on their Strider Bikes at a series of fun family events across the UK. The season kicks off with a race on a custom built Strider Track in Birmingham, followed by a time trial race using professional timing chips at a family friendly cycling festival in Staffordshire.  
New for this year, Strider aim to inspire kids by racing alongside the World’s Top Riders at the British Downhill Series in Wales and then there is the racing at the fantastic facilities of the Cyclopark in Gravesend, Kent towards the end of the season.

 For more information and to book visit: Strider Bike Events

Whilst the events are designed to benefit Strider’s customers, bikes may be hired at time of booking, to include any child that wishes to join in that does not own a Genuine Strider.
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- Deadline for Entries is June 5th 2016 -