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How do Children...

Learn to Talk?

Straight from birth babies are absorbing sounds and processing information to help make sense of the world around them.

Speech is one of the first ways a child can communicate with you and it is important to nurture this path of communication.

From gurgling noises to fluent speech, the process of speech and language can be a fun and exciting experience for both you and your child.

Speaking to your child as much as possible throughout their day will encourage them to interact and they will soon develop a desire to respond. Praise and encouragement when they start speaking will make them want to do it again.

Singing and rhymes can aid speech development as repetition and rhythm are easy to remember and predictable.

Fun Ways to Promote Speech

  1. Sing along to a favourite rhyme or song.
  2. Role play games
  3. Blowing bubbles will develop lip control
  4. Play responsive language games, such as peek-a-boo or ‘I spy’.
  5. Ask responsive questions like ‘What does the dog say?’ they will love seeing your happy facials when they get it right.

See below for our independently tested and approved toys and apps to support your Child to Learn How to Talk:

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