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  /  How we review our Baby Products

We are unique in the way we review baby products:

  • We gather feedback from multiple parents and caregivers
  • Each product is also reviewed by an expert

This ensures our reviews are independent and based on real feedback from the target users, making them reviews both consumers and your internal team can trust.

In addition, we offer a range of more detailed review services, research and a range of endorsement services if the product is approved. Please contact theteam@goodplayguide.com for more information.


Based on feedback from users and their expert opinion, our experts review the product based on the following features (only appropriate features are included in the review):

The testers had no problems setting up or using the product, or were able to overcome any difficulties after a few tries.

The testers found the product fit their needs well. For example, it was quick to use, portable, or easy to store.

The testers felt that the product was sturdy and would last a long time. For example, the zips or studs were strong, or it would survive being chewed by a baby.

The testers felt that the product was comfortable for themselves and/or their baby, as applicable. For example, they thought their baby seemed comfortable, or they didn’t have to bend down at an uncomfortable angle to use it.

The testers felt that it was easy to keep the product clean. For example, it is machine washable or dishwasher proof

Our experts have identified that the product can support a baby’s physical, cognitive, or social and emotional development.

Pass: The product demonstrates at least three of the features described. our product must have already passed all safety standards for the market(s) it is being sold in to be submitted. Once accredited, it will be featured in the Good Baby Guide and the gateway is open for a range of other support. Ask us how to make the most of your endorsement.

Re-Test: If for some reason we are unhappy with the data gathered, we may choose to re-test your product using more testers, ensuring we are confident with our final review.

Fail: Meeting less than three of the features described above. You will receive a brief report explaining the issues found and the opportunity to resubmit within 12 months if changes to the product are made to address these issues.