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Good Apps for 2 Year Olds

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What to look for?

In compiling our list of approved apps for 2 year olds we have particularly aimed to find those that support a child’s learning and development between 2 and 3, if used a part of a balanced play diet.

At this age a wide range of apps suddenly become suitable for children as their dexterity and understanding improves to support wider interactions with a touchscreen.

As young as 2 years old children are perfectly happy to swipe and are often able to drag and drop to complete simple jigsaw puzzles on screen.

There are apps that not only support the development of these fine motor skills but also apps that develop cognitive, creative, language and communication skills and even social & emotional skills.

How we review our apps

Every app submitted to the Guide is firstly tested by the important people – children.

While the children play, they are observed by professionals who have been trained to carry out research with children in a robust, and ethically responsible way.

These apps are then put through their paces by our team of experts to ensure they meet our strict criteria in three main areas – Fun, Ease of Use and Skills Developed.