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Learning To Use The Toilet

Potty training can be a stressful and time-consuming task, although rewarding once your child has accomplished it.

You should not start potty training until you are sure your child is ready and showing signs of wanting to use a potty or toilet. If you try too soon and they are not ready your child may be come stressed, rebellious and you will be faced with an impossible situation.

Always remember that every child is different and just because their friend or older sibling accomplished toilet training at 2 it doesn’t mean this child will. Try not to compare or push too hard for them to advance in this stage, you can’t force a child to use the potty.

Children grasp concepts far quicker when learning is fun. Try to encourage games and create a happy environment for your toddler. Ensure you are relaxed and don’t take it too seriously.

Fun ways to make potty training easy:

  1. Allow your child to decorate his/her potty. Use paints, stickers or pens to create an item they feel comfortable with and like.
  2. Use reward charts, if they use the potty correctly give them a sparkly/smelly sticker to put on their chart. Once they have 10 let them choose an activity or day out they enjoy. For example, a trip to the farm or some messy play. Try not to encourage sweet foods as rewards.
  3. Take them shopping to choose knickers or pants of their choice. They will be excited to wear these if they have their favourite characters/colours on them.
  4. Together make up a silly song they can sing to you when they feel like they need to use the potty and one for once they have used the potty correctly. Be as imaginative and silly as possible.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you keep it as light hearted as possible and stress free for both parties and don’t rush it!!

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