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The Benefits of Day Nurseries

Choosing a nursery to care for your toddler can be a difficult decision and often parents have mixed emotions on sending their toddler to be looked after outside the home.

But there is one thing that all nurseries have in common; they are great for your child’s development and provide many benefits.

Take a look at these 5 reasons why a nursery is good for your toddler.

Learning through Play

Play at nursery is wide-ranging, with time outdoors, messy play, and group activities such as making music, singing, or dancing. There is sure to be something your child will love and excel at.

A structured timetable ensures toddlers at the nursery are given the opportunity to learn through play, giving their mental and physical development a boost.


Using a nursery means your toddler is not only well looked after but will learn to trust and interact with several adults. This means they have the chance to be independent and don’t come to rely or depend on just one caregiver.

Toddlers respond well to routines so following the daily routine at nursery will mean your child is happy and settled in their environment and knowing what to expect each day helps promote feeling of security.

Social Skills

Toddlers using day nurseries have regular opportunities to interact with other children allowing them to develop social skills that will benefit them for not only their years at school but for the rest of their life.

Making friends, learning to share with others, and seeing how their behaviour impacts other children will benefit your toddler greatly. Learning to conform to the nursery rules will mean your little one has an easier transition when starting school.

Eating Habits

If your toddler is a little bit fussy when it comes to trying new foods then a nursery is a wonderful way to help them be more adventurous. Eating in a group often encourages a toddler to eat a wider variety of foods than they would try when eating at home.


Toddlers at nursery may seem to catch every cough and cold that is doing the rounds andwhilst this may not at first seem like a benefit, it does help your child. Studies have shown that although toddlers at nursery are more prone to illnesses than those cared for at home, by school age they suffer much less, which means less time off and a better education.

Using a day nursery for your toddler has so many benefits to their health and well-being, so be proud that you are giving your child a great start to their education and development. Spending quality time apart from your child means time together as a family is looked forward to and treasured.

You can find your nearest day nursery here.

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