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1-2-3 Build It! Rocket-Train-Helicopter


Build and rebuild three different vehicles out of one set of colourful, easy-to-handle parts.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 2-5 years

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Build three different vehicles from just one set of mix-and-match parts with the 1-2-3 Build It!™ – Rocket-Train-Helicopter from Learning Resources.

Chunky, easy-to-handle parts (including a child-sized play wrench) let kids build and rebuild on their own before embarking on imaginative journeys to far-off destinations—blast off to distant stars aboard a rocket, fly through the air above a make-believe city with a helicopter, or chug down the tracks toward the station with a train. Includes parts needed for a space-age rocket, old-fashioned train engine, and cartoony helicopter.

Additional information

Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 257 × 292 × 107 mm

What our testers said

“I am looking to see how to fix it!” – Boy aged 4

“I like rockets. I am making a rocket.” – Boy aged 4

What our experts think

This set introduces children too engineering as they fit the interchangeable pieces together to make a train, rocket, or helicopter. Our testers also enjoyed engaging in imaginative play with the toy once they had fitted it together, which is great for developing storytelling skills.

We particularly liked the construction aspect as it helps children to develop problem-solving skills and their hand-eye coordination as they work out which piece goes where. It was interesting watching the children hone their engineering skills as they put the vehicles together and took them apart again.

Each vehicle also introduced children to different parts and vocabulary, ranging from wheels to propellers, which generates discussion and helps develop their understanding of the world. We did find our younger testers needed some adult support, especially when constructing the train – but after several attempts, they were able to complete it by themselves.

Skills developed

-Develops hand-eye coordination

-Promotes problem-solving skills

-Encourages imaginative play