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353pcs Magnetic Brick Tile and Magnetic Tile Combo Set


PicassoTiles 353pcs Magnetic Brick Tile and Magnetic Tile Combo Set combines magnetic tiles of various shapes and building bricks to encourage constructing 2D and 3D structures or objects.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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PicassoTiles has combined the world’s best two beloved construction toys to another whole new level! The 353pcs magnetic brick tile & magnetic tile combo set includes 36 magnetic brick tiles, 250 regular building bricks, and 64 magnetic tiles in various shapes plus 2 action figures for unlimited creations. Kids can now put their imaginations to work right away by utilising 2 different elements from ground to top in a breeze. The magnetic tiles allow bigger, taller, and wider structures that can go all the way to 72 inches tall with no limitation on width and can be easily stored away by stacking all the magnetic brick tiles together and put anywhere in the basket, shelf, or underneath the bed. Unlike other building blocks with limitations, our magnetic brick tile is an open-ended toy that can match with any toy at home from building a garage for cars, a school with students, race track with street view, a bridge, or even a castle with a beautiful garden. Play and build in ways with no restrictions – all with fun, hands-on

What our testers said

“I’m building a house” – Boy aged 4

“Wow! These even have a mirror” – Boy aged 6

What our exerts think

It was delightful to witness how excited and focused the testers were from start to finish. Building their masterpieces with both magnetic tiles and building bricks was a big hit and highly encouraged repeat play. Play with the structures or objects they built and the figures included extended beyond the build phase. They created pretend play scenarios using their builds, augmented their structures, or simply redesigned an entire new form. Children (5+) enjoyed utilising the idea booklet to replicate various structures and were able to fully maximize the use of the set. Picasso 3D Magnetic Building Set sparked creativity and imagination, fine motor skills development, and cognitive skills.

Skills developed

– Promotes fine motor skills

– Encourages creativity and imaginative play

Allows problem-solving