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3D GeoStix® Construction Set


3D GeoStix is a construction toy with flexible rods to create 2D and 3D shapes

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 5+ years

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Edx Education® 3D GeoStix® Construction set is an ideal educational tool for introducing children to the world of 3D. Infinite construction concepts can be created with this set that help children to learn and develop important skills in problem solving, creativity, spatial and computational thinking along with fine motor skills by clicking the pieces together.

Hands on learning, improve fine motor skills and develop creative thinking skills while playing with this construction set. The activities inspire play-based learning to make teaching fun!

Unique and versatile educational tool, the straight and curved flexible sticks snap together very easily, and in doing so, endless creations (including creations with moving parts) are created by students of all ages.
Teach children letters and their attributes with this construction set! Use these connecting sticks to build uppercase and lowercase letters A-Z, spell basic words and practice sentence building.

These hands-on, visual manipulatives foster creativity and demonstrate a variety of fundamental literacy concepts.

Designed for endless creativity, With multiple connection points and varying sizes, these flexible connecting sticks create colourful 2D and 3D objects. Make a rocket, camera, owl and so much more! This creativity resource includes 158 sticks, activity booklet. So let play, learn & create with Edx Education GeoStix® Construction Set.

What our testers said

“Oh, look! I’ve made the square into a diamond.” – Boy aged 5

“This is so cool, look at this.” – Boy aged 10

What our expert thinks

The children really enjoyed creating the different shapes and found it easy to clip the pieces together. The children were engaged for prolonged periods of time as they built different things. Clipping them together and taking them apart.  The children returned to play with these a few times.
They are also tactile and the children enjoyed fiddling with them.

This toy was particularly beneficial in encouraging children to learn about 2D and 3D shapes, and creating different shapes from the same pieces. Playing with the GeoStix increases children’s understanding of geometric principles and enables them to learn through trial and error, building their confidence.

Skills developed

– Promotes creativity

– Develops an of understanding geometry

– Supports logical thinking and problem solving

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