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Alphabet Puzzle


There’s so much to enjoy on this bright and colourful alphabet puzzle!



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 3+ years

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30-piece puzzle that can be used as a simple “look and find” game or to help children to learn the alphabet. Each piece shows an animal, person or item most children will recognise, and the simple layout makes it easier to associate the objects with their starting letter or word. Letters and words are in a style that children will recognise when they start nursery or school, and each object is phonetically correct, helping children to “hear” each individual starting letter/sound.

Comes with leaflet giving ideas for play and supports Early Years Foundation Syllabus guidelines.

Crafted with premium quality and measure 36 x 26cm when complete. 

What our testers said

“It’s a Panda.” – Boy aged 3

“I want to do it this way.” – Girl aged 3 

What our experts think

This Alphabet themed puzzle engages children’s attention and concentration as they fit together the pieces. Once complete, they develop their letter recognition and vocabulary skills by identifying the different letters and words. As children sound out the words with help from an adult, they are developing their phonetic awareness and reading skills.  

Puzzles are a great way to develop little one’s logical thinking and planning skills too. While they are following instructions and working together to complete it, they are also encouraged to use directional vocabulary such as ‘next to’ and ‘under’ which is great for boosting their visual and spatial awareness. 

Skills developed

– Develops letter recognition and phonetic awareness

– Helps to build vocabulary

– Encourages concentration and logical thinking