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AquaPlay LockBox


Combine imaginative play with scientific discovery in this water-based play set.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 3-6 years

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Let Wilma the Hippo take the container boat out for a journey through the popular lock system by using the pump. In the harbour the crane will assist you to load the container on the amphibian truck. By turning the paddle wheel the water flows through the canals, a playful way of educating how water moves. There are endless of playtime and once ready – it’s easy to fold the set together to a suitcase and store away.

Can interconnect with other Aquaplay play sets.


Additional information

Weight 2.20 kg
Dimensions 850 × 650 × 220 mm

What our testers said

“Ah watch out, the crane is coming.” – Boy aged 2 

“A boy aged 2 laughed when he was shown what the pumper does with the water as it sprayed out into the empty pit”.  Play leader observer

What our experts think

The Aqua Play Lockbox combines small-world play with discovery and learning. As they move the boats through the locks and canal system in the play set, children develop their storytelling skills in addition to their language and communication as they ask questions about what is happening. 

The set sparked conversation and provided hands-on opportunities for children to experiment and problem-solve with moving parts. With adult encouragement, the play set also allowed them to explore scientific concepts such a floating and sinking and use directional vocabulary e.g. ‘up’ and ‘down’. It is worth noting that when filled with water, the play set is best placed on a flat surface to avoid any liquid seeping out. 

Skills developed

– Provides hands-on opportunities to explore scientific concepts

– Promotes creative small-world play

– Encourages language and storytelling skills