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BubaBloon transforms a normal balloon into a durable, washable, reusable balloon ball toy.

Skill Development:
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BubaBloon is a tactile and fun fabric casing for balloons which prevents popping and reduces the risk of choking injury. It has the same magical, floaty balloon bounce that kids love, with a kid-friendly outer cotton cover reducing the chance of popping (and containing the remnants of the balloon if it does). Reusable and washable, you’ll love it too! It’s perfect for outdoor or indoor play as a safer alternative to balls or balloons.

Balloon play has never been so much fun!

What our testers said

“She loved this ball, and spent a long time kicking and throwing it around.” Observer of girl aged 2

“I love it because I love it! You can throw and catch it and it’s bouncy.” Boy aged 3

What our experts think

The BubaBloon was incredibly popular with our testers – children and adults alike! We love this as a light weight alternative to regular balls, which makes it easier for children to learn how to kick and catch without the weight of a ball, or the risk of the balloon bursting or floating away. Our testers discovered it was perfect for playing football indoors without breaking anything. Babies loved rolling the ball around, or even rolling themselves over the ball! It’s durable, washable, and easy to put together – and because all you need is the cover and a balloon (no pump needed) it’s an ideal travel/emergency entertainment toy.

This is a really fun way to encourage little ones to get active. They’ll enjoy just chasing their BubaBloon around, or you can introduce simple games like Piggy in the Middle or the classic – don’t let the balloon touch the floor! This strengthens arm and leg muscles, and hand-eye coordination. It’s also a great toy for encouraging social play; even older and younger siblings can play together safely.

Skills developed

– Encourages active play 

– Strengthens arm and leg muscles

– Develops hand-eye coordination