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Introducing New MAGFORMERS magnetic pieces – Mini Hexagon and Mini Octagon! • Challenger set with a higher level of difficulty – New magnetic shapes are connected in a totally different mechanism compared to the existing MAGFORMERS shapes! • Perfect MAGFORMERS set which users in all ages between 3-99 can enjoy! • Comes with different types of colors – Rainbow and Neon – together in a single set!


Also available is the Challenger 30pc Set

What our testers said

“Look how pretty they are all together.” – Girl aged 3

“Look, it has a stop-sign shape….cool.” – Boy aged 4

What our experts think

It was a pleasure to see the young children’s curiosity and creativity flow while playing with this set. The youngest of the age group started with simple connections and 2D patterns and the older elementary aged children enjoyed building 3D structures. It was fun to watch the discovery, problem solving, and creativity when making connections with the magnetic pieces. Children enjoyed experimenting with how to best connect the pieces. The ease of making the magnetic connections supported immediate confidence to start building. From following the idea booklet to creating their own designs and builds, the opportunity for repeat and open-ended play is high. When children play with the Magformers Challenger 14 pc set, their development of fine motor, visual spatial, logical thinking, and problem solving skills, as well as creativity and imagination is supported in a fun manner.

Learning and play collide even further when playing with the larger Challenger 30 pc set – the increased number of pieces encourage pre-school and elementary aged children to play and experiment for longer periods which further supports further develop foundational math and engineering concepts.

Skills developed

– Supports visual spatial skills

– Encourages fine motor skills

– Develops problem solving skills