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Connetix 34 Piece Clear Starter Pack


Enjoy building something your own with this Connetix 34 Piece Clear Starter Pack!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 3+

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Connetix tiles are a high quality, open-ended toy suitable for children aged 3+. They are designed to encourage children to learn through play as they explore STEAM learning concepts in a hands on, interactive way. Watch as play evolves from exploring 2D shapes, color and magnetism, to designing and constructing complex 3D structures.
Featuring transparent bevelled magnetic tiles in a variety of shapes (including large hexagons!), the Connetix 34 Piece Clear Starter pack will allow you to see through to a whole new dimension of Connetix play. Unleash your creativity to construct inspired designs from Frozen castles, glistening snowflakes and icy igloos, to functional windows, crystal glasshouses or pretend glasses.
Delight in watching children explore STEAM concepts of magnetism, shape, light and gravity, while developing fine motor and problem-solving skills, plus so much more! This pack includes all you need to either start or expand your Connetix collection, foster imagination and gain confidence in magnetic tile play.
As a quality open-ended toy, Connetix will grow WITH children as they learn and their play becomes more complex.

What our testers said

“This is really fun.” – Boy aged 5.
“It’s great, I can make anything.” – Boy aged 11.

What our experts think

Children thoroughly enjoyed building with the tiles with this Starter Pack! The construction set was very easy for children to use independently. The magnetic tiles in the pack make the toy easy and fun to play with at the same time. The toy is great for encouraging creativity and imaginative play. It also promotes logical thinking, in order to build a successful structure, as well as identifying and solving
problems when they occur.

Skills developed

– Promotes logical thinking

– Encourages creativity and imaginative play

– Allows problem-solving