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Connetix 66 Piece Ball Run Expansion Pack


Connetix 66 Piece Ball Run is a magnetic construction set with tiles, tubes and balls for children to connect and build with

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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The Connetix 66 Piece Rainbow Ball Run Expansion Pack was created to extend the creative possibilities of our bestselling ball run packs. This pack introduces the brand new, exclusively designed Spirals, criss-cross ‘X’ and double bowl pieces. This expansion pack also includes our signature clear fluted tubes and rainbow coloured magnetic connector tiles, along with six colourful wooden balls for ultimate ball run fun.

The open-ended nature of Connetix invites imagination and creativity while adapting to the different stages of childhood, so children of all ages and abilities can explore STEAM concepts individually or collaboratively with family and friends. The Rainbow Ball Run Expansion Pack is compatible with the entire Connetix range, meaning collections and play can grow and develop with each child.

Science – Connetix helps children explore scientific concepts such as magnetic force, motion, gravity, weight, stability and balance.

Technology – Children explore technology by putting concepts into practice to solve problems and create forms to meet the needs of their play.

Engineering – Children engineer their designs until they work to achieve their goal.

Art – Children use Connetix to experiment with colour blocking and layering, patterns, symmetry and light. Children can express themselves and develop language and communication skills while they play.

Mathematics – Connetix allow exploration of measurement, 2D and 3D shapes, location and transformation, data representation and interpretation, numbers, patterns and manipulation of concrete objects.

Connetix are made from non-toxic ABS plastic free from BPA, lead and phthalates and are safety approved in all countries they are sold in. The unique bevel design, along with the inclusion of ultrasonic welding and metal rivets increase the strength and safety of Connetix while producing clearer refractions.

What our testers said

“It looks like a hamster wheel. Let’s make a rainbow slide.” – Girl aged 9

“I have such a cool idea! First we do this.” – Girl aged 6

What our experts think

Our testers engaged immediately with the 66 Piece Ball Run. After an adult demonstrated how the pieces connected together, no further assistance was needed. The pieces fitted together easily and all the children aged 5-9 years old were able to play without needing support. The children worked as a team while building, and listened to each other’s ideas and suggestions. They enjoyed creating models that functioned well, using trial and error to decide which tubes and tiles should go where. Building their runs developed their problem solving skills as sometimes they had to modify their creations to get them to work efficiently.

Some children made a game of catching the balls as they reached the bottom of the runs they had constructed; a game of this nature helps to promote hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Mathematical language could be heard as they played, when children commented on how heavy the structures were, and counted how many balls they had. They showed pride in their achievements when they created runs that worked well, boosting their confidence and encouraging them to start another construction. The children demonstrated their eagerness to continue playing with the set after a short break, as they all ran straight back to it again.

Skills developed

– Promotes fine motor skills 

– Encourages teamwork

– Develops problem solving skills

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