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A variety of differently themed soft plush cubes designed to get children moving and using their imaginations

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3-8 years

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Just imagine the fun your child could have with this soft play cube, with its bright colours and animal illustrations. The cube is ideal for developing kids gross motor skills, colour recognition and
turn taking and helps with discovery of spatial awareness. The soft cube has no hard edges and is manufactured to a high quality using a soft foam which is covered in a plush velour material which is super soft to the touch.


Throw, Read Action, Copy Action!
It’s as simple as 1, 2 ,3. The kids throw/toss the soft cube , read the action displayed ‘cluck like a chicken’ and copy the action of the animal. Watch in wonder as kids interpret the animal moves using their imaginations.
A no fuss, easy to use, no batteries required screen free game for kids aged between 3 and 8 years old.

Each cube is lightweight and easy to grip and safe for kids to throw and catch.

There are 4 Themes:
Jungle Theme, Farm Theme, Garden/Mini beast Theme and an Exercise Theme:
Jungle Theme: Illustrated jungle animals including, Pounce like a Lion, Fly like a Parrot, Run like a Cheetah, Stomp like an Elephant, Slither like a Snake and Jump like a Monkey

Farm Theme: Illustrated Farm Animals including, Roll like a Pig, Kick like a Donkey, Gallop like a Horse, Cluck like a Chicken, Stomp like a Cow and Waddle like a Duck.

Garden/MiniBeast Theme: Illustrated Mini Beasts including, Wiggle like a Worm, March like an Ant, Flutter like a Butterfly, Jump like a Grasshopper, Buzz like a Bee and Slide like a Snail.

Exercise Theme: Illustrated Characters showing exercise moves with a number to achieve, these include 5 Star Jumps, 10 Knee Highs, 5 Push Ups, 10 Toe Touches, 5 Frog Hops and 10 Skips.

What our testers said

“I’m really fast! – Boy aged 3

“This is like what we do at football training” – Boy aged 8 

What our expert thinks

These brightly coloured foam filled cubes act as the dice in this fun exercise game. Each side of the cube has an engaging picture and instruction, such as ‘Jump like a lion’ or ‘Gallop like a horse’ to encourage children to get moving. The animal themed cubes were particularly popular with our younger testers, who also really enjoyed throwing the cubes and stacking them to make towers, helping to develop their gross motor skills and understanding of cause and effect.

The exercise and space themed cubes were a big hit with the older testers, some of them commenting on how the moves were similar to those they do at football training. The younger children weren’t able to read the instructions on the cubes so needed to carefully listen to and watch an adult to understand what to do, but once they were familiar with the pictures and had a few goes, they were able to play independently.

Some of the children made up their own variations of the game – an 8 year old girl threw three in the air at once and did the all the actions as quickly as possible after they landed. And a 7 year old boy suggested some easier moves for the younger children to do as they played with the exercise themed cube. A great resource to keep children active while using their imaginations and having fun.

Skills developed

– Promotes physical exercise

– Helps develop gross motor skills

– Encourages children to use their imagination