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The geometric origami puzzle, Cubendi is an entirely new form of magnetic puzzle that combines creativity with learning.

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 8+ years

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The CUBENDI TM magnetic transforming cube is a new dimension in puzzle play from the makers of Shashibo®.

A few twists and turns create a myriad of colorful shapes. Combine several CUBENDI to create even larger structures! Not magnetically compatible with Shashibo® Cubes

What our testers said

“Success! I can recreate the 2nd and 3rd forms, now for the 4th.” – Girl aged 12

“Whoa, like magic!” – Boy aged 8

What our experts think

The testers enjoyed the challenge of creating the various shapes that can be
achieved by manipulating and solving these transformational puzzle cubes. The children shift, twist, and turn with finesse to both feel and problem solve how to create the forms highlighted in the insert and up to 50 other forms they can create through their own persistence and learning. While engaged with the Cubendi children develop and hone visual perceptual skills, mental persistence, and sensory feedback processing.

Skills developed

– Develops visual perceptual skills

– Encourages persistence

– Develops sensory feedback processing