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Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies™ Fire Truck


Bolt Buddies™ are a playful way to introduce the basic principles of construction and engineering with tools perfectly sized for little hands.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 3-7 years

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There are so many ways to play and learn with the Design & Drill® Bolt Buddies™ Fire Truck from Learning Resources.  

Kids use a real, working, kid-safe toy drill to build their own fire truck complete with hinged ladder and fire and water toppers, then pop the Bolt Buddy firefighter, fire chief, and Dalmatian dog pal onto the truck and race into pretend play fun. Keep the box! The Bolt Buddies packaging unfolds to become part of the play set.

The Bolt Buddies figures double as tools children can use to twist and turn the set’s bolts. The set comes with a child-friendly power drill toy with 2 drill bits; fire truck body with retractable drill board, liftable ladder, and 13 drilling spots; 24 colourful bolts; 8 snap-on fire and water toppers; 3 Bolt Buddy figures; and fire hydrant play prop. Drill requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). 

Additional information

Weight 1.18 kg
Dimensions 352 × 183 × 170 mm

What our testers said

“I’m fixing the wheels because the fire engine needs to put out the fire.” – Boy aged 4

“The fireman is happy and now is sad because of the fire.” – Girl aged 3

What our experts think

This Fire Truck can be assembled and reassembled again and again, meaning it gives children great opportunities for problem-solving. As they take it apart and put it back together, they learn the logical steps in the process and develop their understanding of how it works. This is fantastic for introducing children to the type of skills that will help them to excel in STEM subjects.

Once the fire truck is assembled, it makes a great addition to  children’s imaginative play – along with the characters and box, which doubles as a street scene. The children liked that you can swivel the characters’ heads to change their facial expression – we find this an innovative way to add emotional vocabulary to their storytelling.

Skills developed

– Develops problem-solving and logical thinking 

– Great for imaginative play 

– Opportunities for building vocabulary