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DotToDot Numbers and Letters


DotToDot numbers and letters teaches the sequence of numbers, letters and times tables through dot-to-dot puzzles and is easily configurable for a range of ages and abilities.




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Ages: 4-10 Years

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Using dot-to-dot puzzles, DotToDot numbers and letters teaches the sequence of numbers and letters by creating puzzles of dots for kids to join up! Activities revealed by the dot-to-dots include counting “1,2,3”, learning the various times tables or remembering each letter name in alphabetical order.

Depending on the age and other settings for the child the ‘dots’ can be anything from numbers, letters or times tables that the child has to join up in the right order to complete the picture. The age and settings are easily configurable within Player’s settings.

A four year old might practise counting “1,2,3” through simple dot-to-dot number puzzles, especially designed for younger fingers. If they touch the right dot, the app says the number next to it. If they touch the wrong dot, the dot wriggles to let them know and the correct dot starts to flash.

Similarly five year olds might practice letter names in alphabetical order. In the same way the app creates puzzles, but with letters instead of numbers next to each dot. Through this exploratory play kids learn how to count and know their ABC off by heart. They soon begin to associate the spoken letter or number with its written form. As they complete each puzzle the app celebrates their success.

For an older child, you might set the level to practise counting in 9s with more complicated dot-to-dot puzzles. The extensive range of settings in the Parentzone enables you to adjust the level of each game specifically for the needs of your child. You can also switch the timer on and they can compete against themselves and their siblings. Or why not increase the challenge by making them beat the unlock time to move onto the next puzzle? You’re in control.

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“It’s good” – Boy aged 5

“I like guessing the picture before it appears” – Boys aged 6

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