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Dr Panda Farm


Get ready to Harvest your Crops as you create farm-fresh produce and sell them at the farmer’s market in Dr Panda’s Farm.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 4-5 Years

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Have you ever wanted to run your very own farm? Now you can with Dr. Panda! Escape to the countryside and learn how to become a farmer – make bread from wheat, feed the chickens, take care of the cows, harvest vegetables, and much more.
After you’ve made your farm-fresh goods, head over to the Farmer’s Market and make your customers happy by giving them the produce they want. Happy customers will give you building tools to expand your farm.

There are six fun farming activities to do and explore plus lots of farmyard secrets to discover. Get ready to harvest!

What our testers said

“I need to make some more jam as I’ve sold out.” – Boy aged 4

“I love this farm game. It’s cool!” – Boy aged 4

What our experts think

Dr Panda’s farm is a wonderful app for teaching children how farms work, using the imaginative play that children love. Our testers thoroughly enjoyed working on each stage of production such as picking the fruit and then getting the characters to stamp on it to make jam. This is a great way for children to learn where different food products come from and it supports their understanding of the world. Children also liked filling their customer’s food orders and this was a great way to get them to practise counting and quantities within a context.

Skills developed

– Teaches children where food comes from

– Children are encouraged to count the produce

– Great for imaginative play