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plasticant mobilo® Eco Construction Builder


Whatever children’s hands want to build, construction ECO BUILDER makes it real.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 18 months +

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The 92 components transform themselves as if by magic into colourful worlds full of vehicles, aeroplanes, buildings, figurines and much much more. The bio-components can be combined perfectly with the traditional plasticant mobilo® components.

construction ECO BUILDER
high educational value & eco-friendly
A perfect start for young engineers of preschool age
Inspires children to playfully adopt sustainable materials
Can be expanded and combined with the trusted classic plasticant mobilo® components
Promotes team-working and respect for the environment during play
Durable and completely recyclable
Including 12 detailed construction manuals

What our testers said

“Let’s do the fighter jet, first we need the stars or triangle pieces.” – Boy aged 7

“That’s the wrong square, look it needs to be one that isn’t already made.” – Boy aged 6 

What our experts think

The Eco Construction Builder allows children to use their creative problem solving and logical thinking skills to build a range of different models. Construction kits like this help to develop concentration and memory as children are required to follow instructions to identify and attach the pieces correctly. 

When things went wrong or did not work properly, children were also able to problem solve to work out the correct solution. Additionally, building a creation of their own without the instructions introduces children to important STEAM skills, including design and engineering. Once they were built, the children enjoyed role playing with the models too. This is a great way to encourage communication and storytelling skills as children narrate what is happening. 

Skills developed

– Develops creative problem solving skills

– Promotes concentration and memory 

– Encourages imaginative play and storytelling