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Ecoline Jumbo Recycling Truck


Viking Toys Ecoline Jumbo Recycling Truck is a fun and eco-friendly recycling truck, featuring a shape-sorter on the back.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 12 months +

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The Jumbo Recycling Truck features a sorting box on the back of the truck.

This toy from Inside Out Toys, helps children to learn about sorting bottles, leftovers and cartons, as well as the basic shape sorting element. An eco-friendly, durable and non-toxic shape truck.

Made from bio plastic which is derived from sugar cane. Ecoline combines Viking Toys’ timeless design of durable non-toxic toys with an oil-free, plant-based material – taking sustainability a step further. Sugar cane is renewable and absorbs more CO2 while growing than when it is turned into the material required to making Ecoline toys.

These toys are so robust, they are designed to last a lifetime, but are also 100% recyclable and the gift boxes are made from recycled material. BPA Free, non-toxic, phthalate free.

28 cm. Dishwasher proof.

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 308 × 165 × 165 mm

What our testers said

“They’re shapes! An apple, a bottle and a box. ” – Girl aged 2 

“Triangle, square, circle” – Boy aged 4 with SEN

What our experts think

This recycling truck makes an engaging shape sorter for little ones as well as providing a great addition to their imaginative play. The children enjoyed working out where to slot in the different shapes, which introduces them to thinking visually and spatially, as they start to work out which shape will fit where, based on its dimensions. 

Identifying and naming the different shapes, objects and colours also helps to build vocabulary and observation skills. The children enjoyed pushing the truck around and loading and unloading it as part of their small-world play too – which also benefits their language skills and creativity. 

Skills developed

– Encourages shape recognition 

– Great for hand-eye coordination and visual thinking

– Helps build vocabulary