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Fiete – Mini Games For Kids


Fiete mini games is a lovely app aimed at young children.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 12 Months – 5 Years

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Fiete mini is an app with a range of activities for children to complete; there are no written or verbal instructions.
Children, amongst other things, need to help Fiete the sailor pick the apples from the tree and put them in the basket, put up his umbrella to stop him getting wet, make a cheese sandwich and put the wheels on the car.
There are 19 little activities in total; children can complete them in any order; there are also 3 matching games (of increasing difficulty.)

What our testers said

“Look at my ladybird” – Girl aged 3

“The eggs are in the pan now” – Girl aged 3

What our expert said

Fiete mini games is a lovely app aimed at young children; it allows children to complete a range of tasks and encourages children to use trial and error (there are no instructions- written or verbal.)

We really liked the addition of the mini matching games, which got progressively harder; these are great for developing children’s memory skills.

The simple animation and the characters are endearing and really appeal to young children.


Skills developed

– Encourages trial and error learning

– Allows children to use their memory and logic skills