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Flashcards Tactile Montessori


Beautifully illustrated strong and tactile flashcards

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 12 months+

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Is it prickly, rough, wolly or smooth? Touch the tactile tiles and link each surface to the matching image.

What our testers said

“That’s a puffa fish its spikey like this one” – Boy aged 4

“This one is fluffy like the sheep” – Girl aged 2

What our experts think

This is a beautifully illustrated, strong and sturdy set of flashcards with a difference. Included in the box are 4 tactile cards for children to explore and then discuss what the pictures on the remaining tiles might feel like. Games could be developed from the discussion such as asking the children to organise them into categories depending on their texture, or play a lotto style game with them. Our testers found the children enjoyed playing matching games with the cards and finding what items went with which texture. They extended this learning by having the children go and find real objects around the room that had the various textures. These flashcards expand children’s vocabulary by encouraging use of descriptive words such as smooth, shiny etc. They develop children’s sense of touch and teach them how to classify objects.

Skills developed

– Expands vocabulary

– Develops sense of touch

– Promotes classification skills

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