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Embark on a scientific journey with FLIGHT DECK® – an educational tool crafted to unveil the mysteries of flight, electricity, and physics, providing hours of captivating play for inquisitive young minds.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Explore the wonders of science with FLIGHT DECK®, an innovative tool designed for kids to delve into the realms of electricity, physics, and STEM principles, all while having hours of immersive play. Here’s what makes FLIGHT DECK® stand out:

  • Five Engaging Projects: Unlock the mysteries of flight, electricity, and aerodynamics through five hands-on projects, providing a comprehensive understanding of STEM concepts.
  • Designed for Exploration: With a simple yet ingenious design, FLIGHT DECK® allows kids to discover the science behind electricity and physics through the flexible application of parts.
  • Diverse Learning Experiences: From building and launching paper airplanes to installing a motor circuit for flying saucers, and creating artistic patterns to understanding air pressure by levitating balls over a fan, each project offers a unique learning experience.
  • Independent Exploration: FLIGHT DECK® comes with easy-to-follow directions, empowering kids to work independently, fostering confidence, and encouraging a profound grasp of how the world works.

FLIGHT DECK® is more than just a toy; it’s the ultimate STEM learning experience, Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

What our testers said

“This looks amazing! It looks so different when it is spinning.” – Girl aged 9

“Oh my gosh! It shot out! Whoa, I did not expect it to go that fast!” – Boy aged 8


What our experts think

Snap Circuits FLIGHT DECK® had our testers well engaged in each of the experiments. Its emphasis on hands-on learning makes it a valuable educational tool. By fostering hands-on exploration, creativity, and logical thinking, this product becomes a catalyst for well-rounded skill development.

The five (5) experiments focus on aerodynamics and the use of an electrical circuit to power a motor attached to various accessories used to launch or hover objects and even create a spinning surface from which to draw on. FLIGHT DECK® supports development of executive functioning skills and increased scientific knowledge, sparks creativity, and provides a means to explore curiosities using the materials included. 

Skills developed

– Promotes executive functioning

– Develops scientific knowledge

– Encourages creativity