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Forest Acorn Growable Swing with Quadpod


This adjustable wooden swing frame with cleverly designed QuadPod will look great in any garden, and can be easily adjusted as your child grows.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6 months +

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The Forest Acorn Growable Swing can be combined with different swing seats. This review covers the 4 in 1 QuadPod swing seat* only.

The TP Acorn Swing Frame ‘Grows’ from low height to full height making it the perfect swing set to grow with children. Low height is perfect for children aged 6 months to 3 years, as their first swing set. The full height is perfect for children aged 4-8 years.

The QuadPod is one stylish seat design that incorporates four perfectly dimensioned seats. Quick and easy to change from stage one to stage four this seat is designed to grow with your child, making it the perfect swing seat for the Growable Swing Frame. The QuadPod comes with a fully adjustable 5 point safety harness, an ergonomically designed headrest to provide important support for babies from 6 months old and a curved ‘Y’ yoke safety bar designed to make lifting children in and out of the seat as easy as possible.

4 Stages of the QuadPod:

6 months+ – This fully supportive”Cocoon” style seat with moulded headrest is designed for babies 6 months+. The ‘Y’ shaped yoke makes it easy to lift baby in and out of the seat. The fully adjustable 5 way safety harness provides extra reassurance.

2 years+ – Simply remove the head rest to create a cradle seat suitable for children aged from 2 years. The ‘Y’ Yoke remains in place for added security and confidence and the harness becomes a 3 point lap strap.

3 years+ – The ‘Y’ yoke can be removed to create a comfortable bucket seat. Now children can get on and off the swing easily but still enjoy reassuring side and back support. The dual ropes make the swing seat far more stable than single roped alternative.

5 years+ – When children are ready, their first proper swing seat can be easily revealed by sliding the base seat away from the bucket enclosure.


TP wood is some of the highest quality wood available. It is cut, air dried, planned and kiln dried before being pressure treated with an environmentally preservative which penetrates all the way through the wood, rather than simply being applied to the surface. This means that customers don’t have to treat the wood at all and TP Toys are able to offer 5 year guarantees on their wood. All TP wood is also FSC certified timber.


*Review updated to include the 2016 version of the QuadPod swing seat

What our testers said

“Now we can swing all the time!” Boy aged 4

“Swing again mummy!” Girl aged 2

What our experts think

Children loved the swing and thoroughly enjoyed using it; this is brilliant for encourage active play, strengthening gross motor skills, co-ordination, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Children can play together and learn to take turns by pushing each other on the swing.

Parents, particularly those with children of different ages, thought the adjustability of the Quadpod swing and the Forest Acorn Growable Swing Frame was ideal. As well as being able to make the swing suitable for different aged children, it also means the set can be used over the years as children progress. This is great for increasing their confidence, as they move on from being pushed in the cradle seat to being able to to control themselves on the standard seat.

Skills developed

– A fun way to encourage active play 

– Steadily increases children’s confidence