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GLOBE RUNNER – A race through every country of the world


Learn about the different countries as you race around the world!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 9+ years

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Globe Runner is the quick, simple and fun family board game that races through every country of the world. Multiple choice questions on every country, capital, flag and more. Levelling system allows different abilities to play together. Cross the International Dateline, round the treacherous Cape Horn and try not to get lost in the Sahara, Amazon or Bermuda triangle! Use the highest peak on every continent to allow you to catch up. First around the world wins.

What our testers said

“I get to learn more about countries at the same time.” Boy aged 11

“You learn something new no matter how many times you play it.”  Boy aged 12 

What our experts think

Our testers were excited to play this board game that helps children develop their geographical knowledge and understanding of the world. The instructions were clear and our older testers enjoyed drawing on their existing geography knowledge. Although some of our younger testers did find some of the questions quite challenging, it just meant there was a little guesswork involved as all the questions are multiple-choice and you can reduce the number of answers given to younger kids to make it 50:50.

Family friendly board games like this are great for encouraging turn-taking as they allow children to communicate and wait for each other to answer their questions. This also teaches children about friendly competition and learning how to deal with winning and losing, which is brilliant for their personal, social and emotional development.

Skills developed

– Promotes knowledge of geography

– Encourages turn-taking

– Helps personal, social and emotional development