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Hexbug nano® Zone


The nano®Zone sparks imaginative play as the Nano Flashes in their custom-built micro creature playground

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Enter the nano® Zone where kids can build a fun playground for their micro creatures! With two newly designed Nano Flashes that are the fastest nanos yet, kids can watch their nanos navigate the track that you create with colourful jelly walls, unique obstacles, and watch as they explore every nook and cranny of your new nano® Zone!

What our testers said

“The bugs are so cool!” – Boy aged 5

“I like the pinwheel. Look two go around together!” – Girl aged 4

What our experts think

It was fun to see our testers shift from happy surprise at the speed and movement patterns that the Hexbug nanos displayed in their hand, on the table or floor, and on their own legs to concentrated assembly of the “playgrounds” for the Hexbug nanos to move through. Children learned to use the connectors to design a maze/obstacle course for the nanos to move through. They enjoyed using the flexible barrier walls, ramps, a track and platform, as well as dynamic pieces like the merry-go-round (pinwheel) and roller obstacles in a variety of “nano zones”. Our younger testers learned to make the connections, dismantle, and reconfigure their designs with parents and older siblings. With eager repeat play they became increasingly independent. 

The Hexbug nano® Zone supports the development of fine motor skills, logical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking with respect to designing their course and pretend play with the vibrating, skittering nanos. Furthermore, it fosters collaboration and communication skills when playing family and peers.

Skills developed

– Develops fine motor skills

– Encourages problem solving skills

– Supports logical thinking