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KIdoozie Mega Marble Madness


Mega Marble Madness set has over 70 pieces to support children’s designing and building skills as they problem-solve to create endless marble tracks.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Ignite your child’s imagination with Kidoozie’s captivating Mega Marble Madness set! Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide, this set includes over 70 versatile pieces, allowing children to design and build their own gravity-defying racetracks.

Key features:

Twisting spirals and daring drops
Gravity-defying loops and thrilling ramps
Custom-built tracks towering up to 28 inches
This playset encourages creative problem-solving and endless engineering fun. Watch their faces light up as they experiment, collaborate with friends in exciting marble races, and explore the limitless possibilities. Let Mega Marble Madness be the gateway to a world of hands-on creativity, where the only limit is their imagination!

What our testers said

“Well, this is gonna work and it’s gonna be awesome!” – Boy aged 8

“Ooh, the marble went down here and then down this really fast!” – Girl aged 7

What our experts think

The Mega Marble Madness track is a developmentally appropriate toy for a large-span of ages. It encourages engineering, creativity, and assists with small-motor development in children. The marble track had success when played with individually and by small groups of 2-4 children, showing its versatility as an independent and cooperative toy.

When playing with Mega Marble Madness, children demonstrated a willingness to explore and test out different theories of their design. They often vocalised a design, built it, and then tested it out in order to see if it would actually work as a successful marble track, showcasing their logical thinking and reasoning skills.

The Mega Marble Madness track can be utilised from varying heights and children of multiple abilities were able to engage in marble play. The Ease of Use and Free Exploration could be improved if the toy was geared toward the 5+ audience since many children 3-4 years of age had difficulty putting the track together and manipulating the pieces once built.

Skills developed

– Supports free exploration through engineering

– Encourages problem solving through trial and error 

– Develops logical thinking as children build