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Kinetic Sand Deluxe Beach Castle


Children can create sandcastles indoors with the Kinetic Sand Deluxe Beach Castle


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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With two and a half pounds of Kinetic Sand Beach Sand, build and customize the ultimate sandcastle with the all-new Deluxe Beach Castle playset. Featuring everything you need to design and build unique sandcastles with 10 new multi-purpose tools and molds and a multi-tier tray for dynamic builds. This set allows children to truly have creative freedom, allowing them to exercise their imagination, hone fine motor skills, and build awesome sandcastles. The unique texture of Kinetic Sand is also an incredible tactile compound for sensory processing. That isn’t all, this play tray also seals up, making clean up super easy and quick.

What our testers said

“It feels so satisfying to mould it.” – Boy aged 7

“We are making shells to put on the ‘shore’.” – Girl aged 5 

What our experts think

Our testers really enjoyed shaping, molding, and building with the Kinetic Sand and castle themed molding materials.  Our testers loved the unique texture and versatility of the sand. They often engaged in prolonged play sessions with the product, building various structures and exploring creative possibilities. The playset’s appeal encouraged frequent usage, making it a popular choice among our testers. 

The Kinetic Sand Deluxe Beach Castle set offers an excellent play experience with high levels of fun and engagement when playing with friends and family or solo. It provides opportunities for skill development in areas such as cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, and communication skills (when cooperatively and imaginatively playing with others). The playset encourages creativity and artistic expression via their designs, fosters free exploration, and promotes some logical thinking skills.

Skills developed

– Encourages imaginative storytelling and design

– Develops fine motor skills

– Supports logical thinking and problem solving