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Learn To Read


A fantastic activity to support children to develop their reading and literacy skills from the very beginning.


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 4 – 7 Years

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From Galt, this set includes 15 cards with reading exercises, as well as 90 colourful letter blocks. Altogether providing 90 exercises at 3 different levels showing common words and corresponding images!
Each letter tile will allow your child to ‘self-correct’, due to the colour and special back of the tiles which will only fit in the right place.

Everything can be neatly stored in the suitcase, keeping all the pieces safe and making it ideal to take along on travels and days out.

Additional information

Weight 0.905 kg
Dimensions 315 × 60 × 265 mm

What our testers said

“Look what I’ve done all by myself, I’m learning.” – Boy aged 4

“I’m very good at spelling aren’t I?” – Girl aged 5

What our experts think

The Learn to Read set helps little ones to build their confidence while developing their letter and word recognition. Our testers found it fun and engaging, particularly for those who are normally reluctant to hold their attention for a long time on spelling or reading. They also liked how there is lots of space for progression as it features stages that increase in difficulty.

The children could play independently and the self-correcting feature is great as it allows children to see for themselves if they have gone wrong anywhere, giving them the opportunity to fix it. This is fantastic for developing their perseverance and confidence.


Skills developed

– Develops literacy skills and letter recognition

– Builds confidence

– Helps to improve attention and concentration