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Lingokids – Play and Learn


A bright and engaging app full of fun learning opportunities



Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Ages: 2-8 Years

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Lingokids is an English learning course for children. There are thousands of activities where they will learn over 3,000 words such as everyday vocabulary, commonly used verbs, and adjectives.

The app includes content from Oxford University Press and is designed by teachers and experts in language learning. Children are shown cartoons and exposed to the associated language, and also shown letters which they are encouraged to trace.

There are weekly reports for parents and printable supplementary materials.

What our testers said

“They match! I found the 3” – Boy aged 4

“Mummy, look I’m winning” – Girl aged 3

What our experts think

This app is what learning through play is all about. It promotes a broad spectrum of development through fun, engaging activities and games. Our testers were impressed with the app’s bright and colourful illustrations and its huge amount of content. They said that the game levels were well suited to the age of the child and were challenging but manageable. The children testing the app particularly enjoyed the memory games, classification games and yoga sessions. One of our testers commented that their school uses the app for children with ADHD and that the mindfulness games, among others, are great for keeping them settled in class.

In terms of skills developed its incredibly extensive, promoting creativity and logic. It develops vocabulary and early reading and writing. The app encourages memory ability and maths and also teaches life skills.

Skils developed

– Develops early reading and writing

– Promotes mindfulness

– Teaches life skills