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MAPOMINOES – The Ultimate Geography Game


A dominoes style geography game for 2-5 players.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Mapominoes is like dominoes, but with maps.  Build a map of Europe by connecting countries that share a common border. Stay one step ahead of your opponents as you race to be the first player to play all your country cards win the game.

Block your opponents by holding on to France or Germany or open up the Baltic States by playing Russia. Take a boat through the North Sea to the United Kingdom or transit by train through Spain to Portugal. Try not to get stuck with San Marino, or landlocked with Liechtenstein as you watch the country cards spread across the table. The excitement builds as you have fewer and fewer cards left to play, but less space to play them in as you reach the edge of the world (the table’s edge).

The colourful country cards use flags to speed up recognition and further Mapominoes games are available for other continents and country versions for the UK and USA

What our testers said

“We could go all the way to America with these.” Boy aged 10

“Russia is easy because it borders nearly everything.” Boy aged 9

What our experts think

Mapominoes is a challenging card game that gives a new twist to the traditional game of dominoes. We like that players do not need pre-existing knowledge, as all of the information is on the cards – they have to read the information and extract the relevant details, developing children’s comprehension and geographical understanding of Europe. Testers who had played the game more than once remembered some of the borders and started to play strategically.

The instructions are quite lengthy and best read by an adult or older child before playing the game. However the rules are actually very simple and once explained, children enjoy playing this game and also learn geography without realising it.

Skills developed

– Develops children’s geographical knowledge of countries

– Encourages children to play together

– Develops strategic thinking skills