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Möbi: Numerical Tile Game


A travel-friendly maths game for one to six players.
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 5+ years

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Möbi is a fun, fast-paced game that encourages children (and adults!) to play with, and love, numbers. The goal of the game is to make simple maths equations as quickly as possible and connect them in crossword style grids. Be the first to connect all your tiles and you win!

What our testers said

“I really like this, I like maths and doing hard sums.” Boy aged 6

“Maths is sometimes hard for me but I like this.” Girl aged 6

What our experts think

Möbi is a brilliant way for children to practise working out equations, without even realising they’re learning. The instructions were a little unclear, but as the gameplay is similar to Scrabble our testers were able to pick it up. Even some less confident children played and enjoyed the game, which is a wonderful way to encourage learning. The older testers enjoyed making very long equations, which was great practise for using BODMAS (the order of operations, e.g. division before adding). As well as working out the sums, children had to think logically about how to use their tiles in order to use them up.

We like how adaptable this game is, for example, children can play with just addition and subtraction to start with. There are also other activities the tiles can be used for, like creating number bonds. Our testers were a bit confused when they realised the tiles only go up to 12, meaning that their answer had to be below that; this makes the game more challenging because it means they have to then reduce the number (e.g. by dividing it).

Skills developed

– Great practice for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing

– Encourages children to use the BODMAS order of operations

– Builds children’s confidence in working out equations