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Monopoly is a classic board game that combines strategy, negotiation, and luck.
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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Indulge in the fast-paced world of property trading with this exciting Monopoly game, featuring iconic tokens like the Rubber Ducky, T-Rex, and Penguin. Choose your favourite, strategically place it on Go, and roll the dice to embark on a journey to financial success. The thrill of bankrupting opponents awaits, but remember, fortunes can change with a single roll of the dice. Navigate the twists and turns of Chance and Community Chest cards, each potentially holding substantial value.

Experience the highs and lows of collecting property colour sets to construct houses and perhaps even upgrade to a luxurious hotel. The key to victory lies in shrewdly acquiring diverse properties through astute deals. The more properties you own, the greater the rent you can amass. Hone your negotiation skills, buy strategically at every location, and outmanoeuvre opponents to emerge victorious. This Monopoly game is a strategic blend of buying, selling, dreaming, and scheming. Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

What our testers said

“I need more money!” – Girl, aged 9

“Monopoly is a great game for learning about money and decision-making” – Parent of a 10 year old

What our experts think

Monopoly, the classic board game, is a fantastic tool for child development. Beyond its reputation for family fun, Monopoly seamlessly integrates valuable learning experiences. The game serves as a practical introduction to basic economics, teaching children essential financial concepts like budgeting, investing, and risk management. Through strategic decision-making, children can enhance their critical thinking skills and develop a sense of consequence, as every move affects their financial standing within the game.

Monopoly is a social playground, encouraging communication, negotiation, and teamwork. Children learn the art of fair play, sportsmanship, and the importance of collaboration, making it an interactive lesson in social skills. The game’s competitive nature also cultivates resilience, teaching children to navigate setbacks and celebrate victories graciously.

Monopoly is more than just a game! As an educational tool, it provides parents and educators with a captivating way to instil valuable life skills in young minds.

Skills developed

– Encourages comparison and categorisation

– Develops understanding of money

– Encourages problem solving and strategic thinking