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Morphun Junior Starter Plus


A great set for children to explore their imaginations while learning about shapes

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 4 – 7 years

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JUNIOR STARTER PLUS is a STEM construction to help kids become really creative.
Morphun now bring their latest new product Junior Starter Plus. This combines the amazing flexibility of the award-winning EU made Morphun Junior Starter set plus the multi-directional build of our Hi-Qube cubes and triangles into a mind teasing best ever Kindergarten Set for the designers and architects of tomorrow.
Forget old fashioned stacking bricks and try this amazingly educational STEM construction set. The set includes a selection of 5 easy to follow full size double sided A3 instructions, and range of difficulty from levels 1-6. Many more free instructions can be downloaded at morphun.com/download. This set is totally choke safe when used in kindergartens, yet challenging for all ages 3-6 years.

STEM construction education for the 21st Century

Probably the most versatile STEM learning construction sets ever made.

More ways to join, more variety of pieces, is just more fun.

Hand eye coordination.

Develops fine motion skills.

Problem solving challenges.

Stimulates creativity

Colour and shape learning.

Additional information

Weight 1.86 kg
Dimensions 381.00 × 279.40 × 170.18 mm

What our testers said

“I have made a raindrop out of rainbow colours.” Boy aged 7

“I have made a chain of red blocks, it’s a red snake.” Girl aged 4

What our experts think

This set was a real favourite with children. They loved following the instructions to build the models, sometimes swapping out colours or adding features, such as adding a sail to the boat. The models encouraged imaginative play too – from pretending their snake was going to bite someone’s head off, to making a car for a Sylvanian bunny.

This set is a great way for children to develop their spatial skills and understanding of shapes as they build with the blocks. Whether they are following the instructions or building their own design, children also have lots of opportunities for trial and error, as well as problem solving.

Children needed a little help to understand how to join the blocks by sliding the sides together, but once they were able to do this they were able to use the blocks independently. This also helps to strengthen their dexterity.

Skills Developed

– Helps to develop children’s spatial skills through construction

– Helps support maths skills by familiarising children with 2D and 3D shapes

– Encourages problem solving in order to build a successful model